Working for us.

Leadership and integrity made a difference.

From water projects to libraries, from funding for colonias infrastructure to clinics and schools, Joseph Cervantes has been a champion for the people of our district. He is one of the most respected and effective members of the legislature, and a strong advocate for the people of Southern New Mexico.

He has been a leader on issues that matter, like ethical and responsive government, bringing good jobs to our area, protecting the environment and making education relevant in a changing world.

In 2007, Joseph passed the Fraud Against Taxpayers Act, which is being used to recover hundreds of millions of our tax dollars misappropriated by Wall Street Insiders.

That same year, he amended the Government Conduct Act to restrict gifts for elected officials, including state judges. Strong penalties were established for those who use their office promote financial self-interests.

In 2009, Joseph put a stop to legislators spending millions of state taxpayer dollars behind locked doors, Before that, legislators worked in secret in Santa Fe to finalize New Mexico's state budget, without the public, press or even other legislators to watch.

Working for us.
Working for us.
In 2010, Joseph passed the Whistleblower Protection Act to make sure wrongdoings in state government would be exposed without the threat of retaliation. After learning that low-income housing funds were misappropriated, he was the first elected official to expose the Housing Authority scandal bu conducting legislative hearings that uncovered millions of dollars going to line the pockets of insiders.